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We have following working departments in our laboratory

Sysmex XS-800i

  • A fully automated Haematology analyser for 24 parameters including 5 part differential
  • Based on fluorescence flow cytometry for high quality analysis - Forward scatter, side scatter, side fluorescence
  • Excellent WBC differentiation
  • Pro active user support with SNCN and real time quality control.

Hb Vario

  • A fully automated HbA1c testing system for diabetes diagnosis & monitoring
  • NGSP & IFCC certified.
  • Employing HPLC- A gold standard method
  • High precision- Complete removal of labile fraction
  • No interference of HbS, HbC, HbD, HbE & HbF .


  • Four channel coagulation analyser for Clotting, Chromogenic and Immunogenic Turbidimetric assays
  • For estimation of PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, TT, D-Dimer, AT III, Factor assays
  • Multilevel quality control programme


  • Used for both serum protein & Haemoglobin electrophoresis
  • Based on Agarose gel technique


  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) analyzer
  • Gives auto-corrected ESR results in 30 minutes at a standard 18 degree centigrade as mm/hr


  • A simple urine strip analyser with auto-checking of patented strip technology
  • Highest used urine strips world-wide
  • Detects humidity and substance interference
  • Also tests Urine Albumin/creatinine ratio

IF Microscope

  • Immunofluorescence microscope for ANA/ASMA/AMA
  • Binocular Microscopes for routine examination

Cobas C111

  • A fully automated benchtop random access clinical chemistry analyser
  • Comprehensive test menu
  • Easy integration - stat sample
  • High reliability, intuitive software & guided maintenance procedure

AVL electrolyte analyser - 9180

  • Automated electrolyte analyser for serum, plasma, urine and dialysates
  • Based on ion-selective electrode (ISE)
  • Interchangeable six electrodes configuration
  • On-board QC software tracks , QC data, Standard deviation and coefficient variation

BACT/ALERT 3D - 120 system by Biomerieux :

  • The patented colorimetric detection system, based on sophisticated algorithms are designed to detect microorganisms early, even with delayed entry.
  • It is an automated blood culture system , which employs a Next generation Fastidious Antimicrobial Neutralization plus media (FAN Plus Media)
  • Bact/Alert 3D bottle detects both Bacterial and Fungal culture.

Cobas e411

  • A fully automated random access heterogenous immunoassay analyser
  • Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology provides superior analytical performance, High sensitivity with wide measuring range for unparalleled performance
  • Pre-defined assay protocols (Competitive inhibition, Titration, Sandwich)
  • Wide menu for thyroid, fertility, anemia, pregnancy, cardiac, infectious diseases, tumor markers, bone markers, allergy markers and critical care

Mini Vidas

  • Fully automated immunoassay analyser employing ELFA principle
  • Disposable single-dose reagents to prevent cross contamination
  • A large menu including hormones, tumor markers, hepatitis markers, serology, anemia & microbiology


  • A fully automated specific protein analyser
  • Dual channel system- Nephelometry & turbidimetry method
  • 3 Qc level testing for each parameter
  • Prozone detection system to eliminate false negative report
  • Single cartridge system with multipoint smart card calibration

MICROLISA Plate Reader for ELISA

  • Integrated quality control programme
  • User friendly software for programming, calibration & QC

Histopathology & cytology

  • Histopathology and cytology are done at our associate laboratory - QUALIPATH Histopathology & Cytology clinic, where Dr. Saurabh Kadakia, Dr. Ajay Junnarkar and Dr. Yogesh Mistry have joined hands
  • Dr. Yogesh Mistry is an oncopathologist, heading the histopathology department at Kailash Reasearch centre and hospital, Goraj. Dr. Ajay Junnarkar has special interest in haemato-oncology & fine needle aspiration cytology, whereas Dr. Saurabh Kadakia has expertise in brain tumours & hepatopathology.

True lab from Molbio diagnostics

For Dengue, Chikungunya, MTB, MTB-RIF, HBVDNA, HCVRNA

  • Fully automated Real Time Quantitative micro PCR analyser
  • Disposable, pre-loaded, ready-to-use Disease specific Real Time Micro PCR chips