Quality Assurance

We follow excellent quality control and standardization procedures in all aspects of laboratory medicine. It is of paramount importance for providing clinical diagnosis and optimal patient care. We employ internationally accepted reference methods at both our laboratories. All haematology, biochemistry, nephelometry, immunoassay and coagulation parameters are subjected to regular stringent internal quality control programmes. For internal quality control, we use both normal and abnormal/high value controls preferably from two different reputed manufacturers - instrument manufacturer as well as biorad for each parameter. We have enrolled both our laboratories for external quality control programme with RIQAS & EQAS, the two most recognised international QC programmes which give us assurance in ensuring the best quality results to our patients. Calibration of all parameters is supervised by Dr. Mrugesh Sheth personally. For all analytical instruments, we have annual maintenance contract (AMC) and comprehensive maintenance contract (CMC) with the manufacturers.


We have taken Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC).

AMC/CMC covers all instruments including Microscopes and Pathology Software programme.

Barcoding & LAN System

We follow standard Barcoding & instrument LAN system in our laboratories.

Both Uni-directional and Bi-directional LAN system with time-to-time updation of software & system.

Pre-analytical errors are the major source of errors in the laboratory(50-70%). To eliminate them we have barcoding of the samples, interfacing of instruments with pathology software server, continuous training of venipuncturist for optimal quality of sample (hemolysis-free) collection, use of vacuette systems and transportation of sample at optimal temperature. All reports are analysed and validated by Dr. Saurabh Kadakia and Dr. Mrugesh Sheth. Abnormal results are rechecked with known controls &/or cross-verified with different method/instrument and validated before release.